Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management (PM) Service provides access to a range of bespoke, professionally managed portfolios, designed for growth or income and representing a spread of risk profiles from low to high. As a client under the Harrogate Financial Portfolio Management Service your investment is carefully and continuously monitored in line with your preferred risk profile and objectives. You will receive quarterly reviews regarding your investment(s), as well as having the opportunity to integrate various investments under one management structure.

Please note: the value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.

How does it work?

  • The HFS Portfolio Management Service offers 8 investment portfolios and 26 pension portfolios, each containing some 35 – 40 funds, with a minimum holding of 2% and a maximum holding of 4% per fund. (Deposit & Ethical portfolios contain fewer funds in higher percentages).
  • Each portfolio is carefully constructed from a preferred range of funds, with each also weighted according to the risk profile that it is designed to represent i.e. your chosen risk rating – assets include equities, government bonds (gilts), corporate bonds, property and cash. A maximum of one fund per investment house is chosen in any one sector.
  • The portfolios are based upon a fixed core asset allocation; however over time as a portfolio’s different investments produce different returns, so the portfolio will drift from its core asset allocation and acquire risk and return characteristics that may be inconsistent with a client’s requirements. A rebalance strategy addresses this risk by periodically bringing the portfolio back into balance. Rebalancing the portfolio involves taking some of the profits from the best performing sectors or funds and investing them into the poorer performing ones. Overtime investment risk and volatility are reduced and performance prospects enhanced
  • Our quarterly reviews, carried out by either post or e-mail, enable each of your portfolio’s funds to be comprehensively reviewed. Any under performing funds will be identified and replacements recommended. At this time you will also be given the opportunity to let us know of any changes to your personal circumstances and attitude to risk.
  • Only with your consent to the recommended changes will your portfolio be updated and rebalanced in line with the core asset allocation and your risk profile.

Quarterly review summary

On a quarterly basis we will:

  • Provide a Portfolio Report
  • Review all the funds within your portfolio
  • Assess new funds to be added and underperforming funds to be removed
  • Outline to you our recommended changes
  • Confirm your attitude to risk has not changed
  • Confirm your personal circumstances remain the same
  • Ask whether you wish us to contact you
  • Obtain your consent to carry out our recommendations